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BLACKPINK’s Lisa Unveils Her Secret To Balancing Her Work And Private Lives Successfully

She’s great at maintaining the balance.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa treated fans to a house tour and interview combination for her 27th birthday. Here, she showed them different rooms while she answered some of their questions.

At one point, she was asked to share her secret to maintaining a proper work-life balance. Lisa is known for being extremely busy when it comes to both aspects. Her schedule is always packed with performances, events, collaborations, filming, and other work-related affairs.

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BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Despite this, she still has time to travel with her family, meet up with friends, throw birthday parties, and more.

Her secret was simple: she focuses extra hard when it comes to work so that she can relax fully when she’s on a break.

I put in a lot of effort and focus when I work, but when I rest, I really rest, like really rest.

— Lisa

Though there may always be something on her plate as a world famous celebrity, she clears her mind completely when it is her off-hours. This is to the point where she “does nothing” at all.

I don’t even exercise. I just relax at home, and even when I hang out with my friends I don’t think about work at all.

— Lisa

To learn more about Lisa, check out the full video below!




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