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BLACKPINK’s Rosé Has A New Meme Of Hers Going Viral, And It Isn’t The First Time She’s Relatable AF

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is a singer, model, and unwittingly, a meme star. She goes viral every so often as a result of something she said or did in a public event.


This time around, one of her reactions from Paris Fashion Week is taking the internet by storm!

In a sit down dinner with other high profile guests, the BLACKPINK main vocalist was seen staring at something off frame and taking out her phone camera. She mouthed the words, “Oh, that’s hot,” and took a photo right away.

The mystery of not knowing exactly what she was looking at coupled with her expression and the highly usable phrase that she muttered made it a perfectly formulated meme.

It soon spread on Twitter, with fans captioning it with their own original commentary. Some of them include the following:

1. When we become gossip queens

2. When the neighbors are screaming

3. When someone attractive passes by

4. When we see Rosé and swerve to her lane

This is not the first time one of Rosé’s images has made the rounds online. Some other famous ones include a picture of her having a mental breakdown…

…one where she’s screaming to two other versions of herself…

…another where she’s judging a person off-screen…

…and one where fans edited sunglasses over her “So Hot” stage performance.

One thing is certain: Rosé’s memes have brought fans joy far and wide!




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