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#BLINKSCyberbullying Trends On Twitter After A Hacker Breaks Into A Popular TWICE Stan Account, Doxes The Owner, And Promotes BLACKPINK

These attacks need to stop before anyone else is harmed.

“#BLINKSCyberbullying” has gone viral on Twitter after an account named @twice_trans, which posted English translations of TWICE activities, was hacked, and one of the admin’s face and private information were leaked. This is called “doxing,” when the personal information of an individual or a group is intentionally leaked online to cause them harm.

Some other popular internet accounts related to K-Pop have also been broken into recently, including SBS YouTube channels and another popular translator’s Twitter account, @misayeon, which has over 500,000 followers. In both cases, the culprits only seemed interested in promoting their content to earn money through cryptocurrency and OnlyFans.

This attack is unique because the hacker also promoted BLACKPINK‘s latest studio album, Born Pink, causing many fans to believe that the hacker is part of BLACKPINK’s fandom, called BLINKs, although there is no confirmation of this.

| @harishk065/Twitter

According to the other admins of the account, the person who was targeted is now in the hospital for an undisclosed reason.

Some theorized that the hacker’s motive was revenge since there are a few BLINKs who claimed that TWICE’s Dahyun had falsely said BLACKPINK Lisa‘s song “LALISA” played on an ad while she was on a live broadcast.

Fans were also shocked by the celebration of the incident by a small group of BLINKs who claimed it was deserved or even wished for a worse outcome.

Many have come forward since the incident using the “#BLINKSCyberbullying” hashtag to say this is not the first time K-Pop fans have cyberbullied people in other fandoms.

Hopefully, no one else is harmed by these attacks.



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