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BoA Accused Of Plagiarizing Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Some defend her.

BoA has been accused of plagiarizing Girls’ Generation Taeyeon‘s To. X. To. X was released on November 27, 2023, to great success. The concept included a male model in the concept photos, something incredibly uncommon in K-Pop.

Taeyeon’s To. X. | SM Entertainment

A netizen accused BoA of copying Taeyeon’s concept. The photos look taken from similar angles and compositions, and also included a sultry-looking model.

BoA’s Empitiness. | SM Entertainment

Taeyeon is seen leaning against the model.

Taeyeon’s To. X. | SM Entertainment

BoA also uses a similar pose.

BoA’s Empitiness. | SM Entertainment

Another photo of Taeyeon’s has the model obscured in the back.

Taeyeon’s To. X. | SM Entertainment

While BoA stands in the back instead, the man is also covered by shadow.

BoA’s Empitiness. | SM Entertainment

Lastly, fans found these solo shots very similar to each other.

Taeyeon’s To. X. | SM Entertainment
BoA’s Empitiness. | SM Entertainment

The netizen who create the accusatory post remains staunch that BoA was copying her junior’s work. Other netizens have mixed views. While some think that it is similar enough to warrant the accusation, others feel like it is simply a common breakup concept.


  • Just how little is there for her to copy that she has to copy her company junior’s song that came out not too long ago…
  • Just delete your post. Anyway she won’t be able to chart and they said they song will be buried.
  • Do you really think she would? I’m not a fan of either, but when kids are bored they come up with stretches like this. Both artists’ fans barely use Nate Pann, so everyone just move along and don’t feed the troll.
  • I’m a fan. Let’s not feed the troll.
  • If you’re a fan, delete the post… it’s not helping anyone.

What do you think? BoA’s album will dorp on March 26, 2024.


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