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“Bro’s Definitely Got A Girl” — NCT’s Mark Has Fans Swooning Over His Romantic Thoughts

NCT‘s Mark is known for having a way with words, often impressing fans with his deep and thoughtful speaking. In the past, he’s even shared poetry with fans!

NCT’s Mark | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Unsurprisingly, he has been able to hit fans right in the feels with his words in the past, like when he was chatting with the group’s choreographer about a song’s romantic meaning.

Now Mark has fans swooning all over again!

Recently, the NCT member appeared on DIVE Studios‘ podcast Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam where the two talked about several topics.

Eric Nam (left) and NCT’s Mark (left) | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

This included Mark creating his own SuperM-like K-Pop group of idols from his group and others…

NCT’s Mark Chooses The K-Pop Idols That He Would Like To Be In A Group With

…and offering up his own brother to work for Eric.

Another topic was   NCT 127’s most recent release, Fact Check, and during the conversation, Eric asked Mark what his favorite song was besides the title song. Mark shared that it was “소나기 (Misty),” one of the album’s ballads he had a part in writing.

Mark elaborated by saying it was a song “he needed at the moment” and that he was “in the mood for that song,” which is why it stuck with him.

That song in particular, it was a song I needed at the moment. I had to write a small part for it, like my verse, and that was where I felt like, I guess I was in the mood for that song and I had to write for it so it kinda stuck with me so yeah. It was the first song that came to my head.

Mark continues as Eric asks for some information on the song, explaining the lyrics are up for interpretation but that he saw it as missing a significant person.

Eric Nam: What were your lyrics about?

Mark: I think it’s about, you know you can have your own interpretation even if you’re on the same song.

Eric Nam: Yeah.

Mark: So um its about 소나기 I think the way that I translated it was um, it’s pretty much [laughs], you’re missing – you’re missing a significant person.

Eric Nam: [laughs] Ok

Mark: But the thoughts of you come down like rain on me. I’m pretty sure it’s that and so, I don’t know, that message and that vibe was something that I easily gravitated to at that moment so when I wrote it it turned into something that I’m happy about.

Posts on TikTok and Twitter of Mark explaining the track quickly went viral, with fans loving how Mark explained the song in such a romantic way. Many even talked about how lucky his future significant other would be.

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You can check out the full episode below.




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