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BTS Gives TXT All The Hugs At “2022 The Fact Music Awards”

Jimin and Suga showed love for their juniors.

BTS and TXT both attended the 2022 The Fact Music Awards (also known as the TMAs) and hit fans right in the feels when they shared a few hugs during the show’s encore stage.

Jungkook with TXT. 

After all the groups gathered for a group photo, they spent what was left of their time on stage catching up with each other. When Beomgyu greeted the group, Jin didn’t hesitate to go in for a hug, patting him on the back.

Jimin followed suit, reaching for Beomgyu’s neck to pull him in for a hug. They weren’t the only ones happy to see their juniors, either.

After Yeonjun greeted Suga with a bow, the two shared a quick hug that pleasantly surprised fans. Behind them, Jimin and Taehyun also warmly hugged each other.

Making sure he hugged as many of his “babies” as possible, Jimin embraced Yeonjun as well.

Because the two groups talk about the time they spend together off camera, it was a treat for fans to see them finally be so close.




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