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BTS’s Preferred Pizza Topping Has International ARMYs Shook

To kick off the new year, BTS gifted ARMYs a fun new episode of Run BTS! 2023 Special Episode – Next Top Genius Part 1.

“Run BTS! 2023 Special Episode – Next Top Genius Part 1” preview image | BANGTANTV/YouTube

Paik Boy Pizza sponsored the special 2023 episode, a pizza brand started by their celebrity chef friend, Baek Jong Won (also stylized as Paik Jong Won).

BTS filming a previous episode of “Run BTS!” with Chef Baek Jong Won (Suga was absent because he was recovering from shoulder surgery at the time) | @BTS_bighit/Twitter

The group was provided craft pizzas, different dipping sauces, and cheesy breadsticks to fuel themselves for the games they would play later.

While the older members enjoyed the array of delicious food in front of them, Jungkook and V announced they had just begun a diet, so they couldn’t join them in eating the pizza.

The chaos began when the two youngest members decided to “help” each other out as they took turns tempting the other to eat the pizza.

The third youngest member, Jimin, then joined in the fun chaos, showing his fellow members how to really do an eating show with a mukbang tutorial, and later jokingly blocking J-Hope from grabbing pizza.

All was going well until they began discussing the topic of preferred pizza toppings.

ARMYs have proven they will stand behind BTS through every step of their journey, but their loyalty was hilariously “tested” after discovering BTS’s unique pizza topping preference.


BTS’s Jin had fans jokingly divided when he suddenly asked why people overseas don’t put pickles on their pizza.

RM quickly explained that it was not as common overseas before Suga joined in, declaring that he couldn’t eat pizza if it didn’t have pickles on it.

ARMYs couldn’t help reacting to the unique pizza topping, with some questioning the topping while others added it to their list of toppings to try.

As ARMYs looked into the topping, they discovered from Korean influencers or through their own experience dining in Korea that pickles are often served on the side with pizza, and they are sweeter than expected. Knowing that the pickles were sweet had fans hilariously torn on whether that made adding pickles to pizza better or worse.

While that moment had fans thrown, BTS swiftly moved on to their next debate: eat or don’t eat the crust. While BTS seemed to agree with adding pickles to pizza, they did have some strong feelings about whether or not they eat the pizza crust after Suga jokingly suggested they save the crust for Jungkook and V to eat.

Jungkook shared that he didn’t understand people who didn’t eat the crust, while Jin shared he felt the opposite way.

Just like ARMYs did when they learned about adding pickles to pizza, BTS agreed to disagree and continued with the episode.

Watch the full episode below!




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