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Can Trainees Who Are Adults Indulge In Alcohol? TWICE’s Jihyo Tells All

Even adult trainees had to follow these rules.

TWICE’s Jihyo recently guested on Ssulply. As the show visited JYP Entertainment, they bumped into a training manager for the trainees. Jihyo shared about the strict standards she had to adhere to when she was a trainee.


According to the star, if a trainee was caught going to a club, they would be cut immediately. Alternatively, if they were caught going to a suljib, a term which covers anything from a pub to a bar, to even a casual drinking establishment, they would be suspended temporarily. Suspensions were often used to punish trainees back then, as they could not come to practice. Jihyo admitted that she had seen a few people get punished that way.

Even adult trainees had to adhere to these strict rules! Although they were prevented from going to drinking establishments, they might still be able to indulge in alcohol in private settings or with family. Jihyo explained that these were the rules when she was a trainee, which was a long time ago. Things could be different now, but as the company puts a strict emphasis on the moral values of a trainee, it is likely that similar rules exist.




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