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CARATs Are Upset After Discovering Racist Comments Made By Locals Who Played Basketball With SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN are currently on their Be The Sun World Tour and have been having a great time putting on performances. Fans have had plenty of chances to interact with the group, with many saying this is the best tour the group have been on!


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The group have also had plenty of opportunities to experience new things in each city they visit. Some of the members have taken to interacting with locals through various activities including singing at local pubs and pick-up games of basketball. Mingyu has taken to sharing their activities on his Instagram account for fans to see.

Fans were excited to see and hear of the group being able to have fun, normal experiences after a local shared a short clip of them playing with the group on their Instagram stories. SEVENTEEN even sent a thank you message to the locals thanking them for playing with them!


The experience quickly changed from a wholesome interaction that fans were happy to see after CARATs discovered more clips of the group on some of the other locals’ accounts along with racist and rude comments. One account called SEVENTEEN another group’s name more than once and described playing with them as touching “their sweaty Korean bodies” with a misspelling of the romanization of saranghae attached.

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Fans expressed their feelings on Twitter with many saying they felt sorry for SEVENTEEN having to deal with microaggressions like the accounts posted.

Microaggressions can be described as verbal slights that contain hostile or derogatory language towards a specific cultural group. By calling SEVENTEEN another random K-Pop group, they are insinuating all K-Pop groups are the same as well as the people, an idea that is inherently racist.


In addition to this, a CARAT posted that their friends also played basketball with SEVENTEEN, and were gifted five free tickets to the group’s show. While fans are not sure if these are the same group of people, the idea that people who made racist comments about the group having personally gifted free tickets is extremely upsetting.

While their actions are deplorable, some CARATs are insisting that fans are going a bit too far with harassing the locals. Fans have allegedly left death threats and even began mass reporting their accounts in an effort to have them removed from the app.

Many. hope that this was a one time occurrence and that SEVENTEEN will hopefully continue to have positive interactions with fans and locals as they continue their US tour.



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