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CARATs Asked SEVENTEEN’s The8 To Take Mingyu’s Shirt Off And His Answer Was The Realest

Okay, hear us out. It is a national travesty if SEVENTEEN Mingyu‘s glorious muscles aren’t on show for the world to see. I mean, the man looks like this.

| @min9yu_k/Instagram

So we were not surprised when CARATs took every chance they could to get Mingyu’s shirt off during their world tour for Be The Sun. They even asked The8 to make sure that it happened during the next stop! The8 was just chilling on live stream after their Atlanta leg of the concert when a fan asked him to “strip Kim Mingyu at the next concert.” The8 sassily replied that it was all about self-service with Mingyu and his shirt.

We’re not surprised by The8’s answer! Mingyu’s been teasing fans during the world tour.

On the other hand, the other members are also taking every chance they get to strip him of his clothes. They really said “it’s a free market!

We would like to thank DK for his public service.

Despite all the shirtless moments, Mingyu has been rather protective over his abs. Sure, he posts photos of his broad back muscles, and of course, his arms in this iconic polo tee.

| @min9yu_k/Instagram

Sometimes, he gives fans a little sneak peek with side views like this.

| @min9yu_k/Instagram

Alas, never a full-on glimpse of his abs. Like, what’s the point of spending all that time in the HYBE gym? Hopefully, CARATs will get to see Mingyu’s abs before the tour is over!




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