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Chaeyoung Spills On How TWICE’s Renewal Contract Financially Changed In Their Favor

“That’s all that matters…”

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung recently joined Jeon Somi on the soloist’s new variety YouTube show, Yes Or Hot, and together, they answered each other’s burning questions.

Jeon Somi (left) and TWICE’s Chaeyoung (right) | TEO 테오/YouTube

Jeon Somi’s show is like the game Truth or Dare with a “spicy” twist. The host and guest take turns asking each other questions, and they can answer the question or eat spicy food if the question is too difficult to answer truthfully.

Jeon Somi took the opportunity to bring up the hot topic of TWICE’s contract renewal, and Chaeyoung opened up in more detail about what changed when the group re-signed.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung | @chaeyo.0/Instagram

In July 2022, it was confirmed that all nine members of TWICE renewed their exclusive contracts with JYP Entertainment ahead of their expirations that fall.

(From left:) TWICE’s Dahyun, Jeongyeon, Sana, Mina, Tzuyu, Nayeon, Momo, Jihyo, and Chaeyoung | @kpop_herald/Twitter

After Somi admitted she was happy that she terminated her contract with JYP Entertainment in 2018, the talented soloist hilariously discussed how Chaeyoung had just renewed her contract with the same company.

Somi asked if anything had changed about their renewal contract, and Chaeyoung admitted that one significant change was “all that mattered.”

Chaeyoung revealed that the financial split between the members was different in their renewal contract.

Somi took her question to the next level, asking Chaeyoung to indicate if the split favors the company or herself and to what degree.

Jeon Somi hilariously raised her hands like a scale, and Chaeyoung revealed that the split was in her favor and seemed to hint that it was significantly in her favor.

During the episode, Somi also mentioned the time Chaeyoung ran away from JYP Entertainment as a trainee.

Check out more about that in the article below!

Jeon Somi Reminds TWICE’s Chaeyoung Of The Time She Ran Away From JYP Entertainment




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