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Chef Gordon Ramsay Finally Responds To NCT’s Mark “Golden Hour” Diss Track

NCT‘s Mark recently dropped his second solo song, “Golden Hour,” as part of the ongoing “NCT LAB” series.

Previously, Mark revealed the unexpected inspiration for the song was an NCTzen’s 2018 tweet about her “boyfriend” making eggs, using a photo from his cooking. It became a meme when celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay quote-tweeted it, encouraging her to break up with her “boyfriend” and return to the dating app Tinder.

To whoever… I forgot your name, but to the person, to the fan that really started all of this for ‘Golden Hour,’ the person who sent that tweet to Gordon Ramsay in the first place years ago… Shoutout to the person.

— Mark

Mark claimed that “Golden Hour” would not be exactly a diss track toward Ramsay. Instead, he would just “mention him.”

I’m not gonna roast Gordon Ramsay. It’s more of … it’s a shoutout. I’m just gonna mention him.

— Mark


this whole time I thought it was a fake tweet ???? mark x gordon collab when #marklee #nct #nctdream #nct127 #nctu #nctmark #marknct #kpop #markleeinstagram #markleegoldenhour

♬ Child – MARK

Now that the song is out, we know “Golden Hour” is more of a “flex” track rather than a “diss” track. In the song sprinkled with food references, Mark essentially flexes on his haters and, in doing so, also “calls out” Gordon Ramsay a few times. He raps, “I’m callin’ Gordon out ’cause it’s the golden hour.”

Excuse me, waiter/That golden yolk in the middle/Make it right/I’m calling Gordon Ramsay

— Mark

Mark | SM Entertainment

We’ve all been curious for Gordon Ramsay to “pick up the call.” Now, he has finally responded to Mark.

Gordon Ramsay | Grand Central Publishing

Mark posted a TikTok video, launching the “Golden Hour” Open Verse Challenge. He encouraged NCTzens to duet, jumping on the track with their own verses to his song.


#OpenVerseChallenge Let’s cook a #GoldenHour together #MARK #GoldenHour #DuetWithMARK #DuetThis #MARK_GoldenHour #NCTLAB #NCT #NCT127 #NCTDREAM

♬ Golden Hour – MARK

Gordon Ramsay stiched Mark’s video after the portion where Mark sings, “I’m callin’ Gordon Ramsay; I’m cookin’ up.” Ramsay acted as if he was checking his phone for Mark’s call. He captioned it, “I’m still waiting for my call… Hope the eggs are better now!” 


#stitch with @official_nct I’m still waiting for my call….hope the #eggs are better now !

♬ Golden Hour – MARK

NCTzens were shook that Gordon Ramsay actually “responded.” Despite his “mean” TV reputation, he totally shows his true character with his fun social media presence!

Read more about the inspiration for the song below.

Is “Golden Hour” A Gordon Ramsay Diss Track? The Unexpected Inspiration Behind NCT Mark’s New Song Is An NCTzen

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