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Chungha And NCT’s Ten Exchange Tips For Maintaining Their Slim Figures

They have different ways to stay in shape.

NCT‘s Ten and soloist Chungha met through hello82‘s Friend Request and discovered they had numerous things in common. They also exchanged tips on how they maintain their slim figures as K-Pop idols.

NCT’s Ten | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Despite how often the idol goes shirtless, Ten admitted he didn’t have a workout routine—outside of dance practice. He said, “I don’t exercise specifically. I don’t like going to the gym.” That wasn’t the case for Chungha.

Chungha revealed that she “runs a lot,” with short periods of walking in between. There was a particular reason why she focused on that specific exercise.

Chungha caught Ten’s interest by explaining how it helped increase her stamina for singing during performances.

See the two idols share their methods to staying in shape and remaining slim.



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