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Chungha Shares Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Story Of Her Interaction With Red Velvet’s Wendy

Her interview briefly turned into a Wendy appreciation account.

K-Pop soloist Chungha recently made her much-awaited comeback with “Eenie Meenie” on March 11, KST. As a part of her promotional schedule, the singer appeared on the MBC FM4U radio show Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope, which aired on March 18.

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Chungha | @CH_CHUN9HA/Twitter

The interview with Kim Shin Young touched upon many interesting topics, including the musical genre Chungha would like to tackle next. The singer responded with R&B, stating that while she has tried it out before, she wants to create a full album in that genre.

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Chungha with Kim Shin Young | MBC

The host agreed saying that R&B would be a perfect fit for Chungha’s unique style that is rare to see in Korea. She then expressed her admiration for her select few picks in the industry, which included Red Velvet’s Wendy. Kim said that Wendy was the top singer in SM Entertainment, while Chungha, in her opinion, was at the top overall.

Wendy | @ todayis_wendy/Instagram

Chungha took this moment to put the spotlight on Wendy’s kindness and shared a behind-the-scene story of their recent interaction. Wendy also made a solo comeback around the same time as Chungha with her single “Wish You Hell” from an album by the same name.

Chungha revealed that during their simultaneous comebacks last week, Wendy called her, expressing her wish to send some snacks for Chungha and her staff to enjoy together if they were not on a diet.

Hearing this, Kim Shin Young also vouched for the Red Velvet singer’s kind character, sharing another anecdote when Wendy noticed a change in her voice and provided valuable health tips to help her.

Apart from their joint appreciation of Wendy’s angelic kindness, the host and the guest also showered praises on her music, saying that they both have been listening to “Wish You Hell” frequently these days.



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