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Collab Soon? BLACKPINK’s Lisa And Tyla Shock Fans With Their Unexpected Friendship

Tyla gave Lisa a first listen of her new music!

GRAMMY-winning South African singer-songwriter Tyla and BLACKPINK‘s Lisa have shocked netizens with their unexpected friendship.

Tyla | Harper’s BAZAAR


Tyla shot to stardom with her viral hit “Water,” which many idols have danced to on TikTok. She has also continually shown love to K-Pop idols, such as recently NewJeansHanni.

Yet, netizens were still shocked to see one of the most beloved idols alongside Tyla. The South African soloist dropped a video of herself with none other than BLACKPINK’s Lisa at a recording studio, instantly going viral. In just a few hours, the video has garnered 1.5M, 1.8M, and 4M views on TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram, respectively.


‘TYLA’ my debut album drops next week friday Gave Lisa the first listen 🐅💕 This is A.R.T

♬ original sound – Tyla

Netizens couldn’t believe their eyes. The comment section was filled with curious fans wondering if that was really Lisa!



According to Tyla, her debut self-titled album will be released next Friday. So, she teased some of her new songs, including “A.R.T,” which she gave Lisa the first listen. So, the video showcased Lisa’s adorable reaction to the brief listening. She was vibing to the music when it suddenly cut off, much to her disappointment!

On Tyla’s Instagram, the preview image for the Reel version of the video is a selfie of her and Lisa together. The two appeared to be close friends.

| @tyla/Instagram

Additionally, Tyla shared a video version of this image via her Instagram Stories. The two grinned for the camera in the adorable video, fighting giggles. Tyla added a caption, revealing she played multiple new songs for Lisa while also teasing that we might get a collaboration in the near future.

| @tyla/Instagram

sweetest gorllll Played her some of my favorite songs on the album.. Definitely a Lisa x Tyla collab down the line

— Tyla

Lisa even left a supportive comment on Tyla’s Instagram Reel. Amidst the excited fans, Lisa commented, “Can’t wait,” with a burning heart emoji.


While fans were initially shocked, they’re loving this duo’s friendship. Two powerful young women in the music industry are thriving!

We can’t wait for the collab now!

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