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Content Creator Goes Viral For Radiating “Wonho Vibes”

He’s so talented too!

A TikToker is going viral for radiating Wonho vibes.” 


The TikToker in question is Jordie (@_itsjordie on TikTok and Instagram). He is a content creator based in Sydney, Australia.

He is a bodybuilder. So, he occasionally posts gym videos.

Jordie sometimes posts makeup looks on Instagram too. He is very multitalented!

Yet, most of his content is K-Pop dance covers. He is a choreographer and part of Magic Circle Crew. They post their covers on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Their dance cover of NewJeans‘ “OMG” has been going viral across social media. While it has 119K views on YouTube…

Jordie’s “fancam” from the cover has garnered many views on TikTok. At the time of writing, it has 1.2M views and 275.2K likes at the time of writing.


my favourite cover of the year already! #gaytiktok #omg #newjeans #omgcover #kpop #newjeansomg

♬ OMG – NewJeans

The comment section was filled with netizens saying that Jordie reminded them of Wonho. We all can agree they give similar vibes!

| @_itsjordie/TikTok

| @_itsjordie/TikTok

They’re both muscular but slay androgynous fashion and K-Pop choreography, including girl groups’!


wonho hype boy 💙 #wonho #kpop #kpopers #wenee #fypシ #foryou

♬ Hype Boy – NewJeans

Since Jordie’s “OMG” video went viral, he posted his dance cover of “Ditto.” He referenced netizens’ Wonho comments in his caption.


Apprently i give wonho vibes….!? #newjeans #ditto #newjeans_ditto #dittochallenge #kpop #newjeans_dancechallenge #gaytiktok

♬ Ditto – NewJeans

We’re totally getting Wonho vibes! Are you?

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