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Crush Proudly Shows Off His Latest Gift From BTS’s J-Hope And Fans Wonder What Might Be Coming Next

Could this mean something? 👀

“Rush Hour” by Crush featuring BTS‘s J-Hope brought us not only an epic collaboration…

…but also an iconic friendship!

The two always show their gratitude for each other in the most wholesome ways, like buying each other cake, flowers, and even matching shoes.

J-Hope bought Crush a “Crushed Choco” cake. | @uarmyhope/Instagram

Crush thanked J-Hope with flowers and a note. | @uarmyhope/Instagram

The two rocked matching sneakers. | @uarmyhope/Instagram 

Now, J-Hope has given Crush yet another gift — but some fans think it may be a precursor to their next adventure!

| @crush9244/Instagram

Crush proudly showed off his latest and most epic gift from J-Hope, a brand new hand microphone!

This is,
This mic is,
Present 🎤🥹

— Crush

| @crush9244/Instagram

J-Hope reposted the photo with nothing but love, but fans were quick to flood the comments with speculations.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

Even though fans were aware of the gift from J-Hope, they couldn’t help but speculate about his possible appearance in an upcoming “Rush Hour” performance!

| Instagram

Though it’s just speculation, we hope we can see a live performance from these two!

| Naver

Check out Crush’s upcoming tour in Korea below.

2022 Crush On You Tour Dates | @officialpnation/Twitter



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