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Dating Or Just Friends? Netizens Speculate About The Relationship Between RIIZE’s Anton And SEVENTEEN Vernon’s Sister Sofia

“Awww they’re kinda adorbs.”

With RIIZE‘s debut just around the corner on September 4, it seems that people are eager to find out anything about the members that they can. And recently, the relationship between their maknae Anton and the sister of SEVENTEEN‘s VernonSofia Chwe, has drawn the interest of many.

Anton (RIIZE) | SM Entertainment

Allegedly, the two of them attended the same school together and became friends there. Both were born in 2004, and each recently graduated from high school. Their connection as friends actually isn’t a new revelation, either — there have been pictures posted of them together in the past, Anton just wasn’t known as a trainee at SM Entertainment yet.

Though Sofia isn’t an idol, she has a pretty big following herself as a YouTube personality, and is also a talented singer herself!

The relationship between Anton and Sofia came under question when pictures of the two of them were shared on an online forum post, seemingly from now-deleted posts on Sofia’s personal Instagram.

Anton and Sofia | Pann Nate
| Pann Nate

In one set of photos, Sofia is seen wearing the same bracelet as Anton, prompting a friend of theirs to ask if she received it from him. Sofia replies saying she “stole it”, and Anton reacts with a sad face.

| Pann Nate
| Pann Nate

Friend: Sofia, did you receive a bracelet from Anton?

Sofia: ????

Friend: Do you plan on returning it?

Sofia: I stole it

Anton: ????

Another post, which is actually still up on Sofia’s Instagram, shows the YouTuber posing by herself on a mountaintop overlooking beautiful scenery. While it doesn’t seem to initially have anything to do with Anton, someone asked in her comments if she went to the spot with “that kid”, which some think might be referring to the RIIZE member. Sofia jokingly responds saying she went with her father instead.

Sofia: When I’m down and feel stuffy, I go up to the mountains and share a Kancho with the pigeons~ and I watch ants and flies~ and then I saw a queen ant and I ran away~ and then suddenly it rains and I go down and I’m soaking wet~

Friend: Did you go with that kid by any chance?

Sofia: My father???? Yep I went with my father ^^

Undoubtedly the two of them are friends, and their photos together are adorable! Whether or not the two of them did date or are dating is much less clear, though the general consensus from fans seems to be that they’re just close friends.

It also brought up the topic of how much more difficult it will be for K-Pop idols to keep their pre-debut lives private from speculations such as this, given how much is posted online through various social media platforms in modern times.

It’s cute to see an almost-idol and an idol’s sibling hanging out with each other, especially since they’re not from the same company! It goes to show how small the world can be sometimes.

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa



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