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DPR IAN Was Originally Supposed To Direct A SEVENTEEN MV

He has gone on to direct a lot of other cool music videos.

DPR IAN (also known as Christian Yu) is best known as a Korean Australian singer and rapper, but he also is a director and editor. In fact, he is the director and editor-chief of co-founded collective DPR (Dream Perfect Regime).


He is also a former K-Pop idol, having been the leader, rapper, and dancer of C-Clown, under the stage name Rome. It turns out he was meant to direct another big K-Pop group’s MV.


He was recently interviewed by JRE. He talked about various topics, including his first big directorial gig.

What was the first ever project you edited or film you felt proud of?


DPR IAN (left) and JRE (right) | JREDAY 

After some contemplation, DPR IAN answered Winner‘s Mino and iKON‘s Bobby. He directed both “Body” and “HOLUP,” respectively. He explained that before that, he faced a lot of rejection.

DPR IAN: I think Bobby and Mino’s.

JRE: They were fire.

DPR IAN: Just because of how much I really put into that. The thing is… that was my first ever big gig.

JRE: Yeah.

DPR IAN: He just won Show Me The Money, and it was his first debut album and for me, like prior to that I was constantly being shut down by all these other companies.

DPR IAN revealed that his first-ever big project was originally meant to be a music video for SEVENTEEN. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, though.

You know what’s funny? My first-ever big project was actually meant to be SEVENTEEN’s music video. So, I remember I was working. For whatever reason, it didn’t work because of certain things…


While that project didn’t work out, DPR IAN has gone on to direct many great music videos for other legendary artists. Notably, he has directed BIGBANG‘s Taeyang, Loco, Bobby, Mino, etc. He also directs all DPR videos.

Check out more below.

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Watch DPR IAN’s full interview with JRE below.

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