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Dreamcatcher’s SuA Leaves TXT’s Yeonjun Adorably Flustered

Yeonjun was thoroughly amused by his senior 😂

As an MC for Inkigayo, TXT‘s Yeonjun has many interactions with fellow idols, including ones that leave himself and viewers feeling thoroughly amused.


Thanks to her unique energy, Dreamcatcher‘s SuA unintentionally created a heartwarming moment during one of the group’s interviews with the hosts.


At the time Dreamcatcher promoted their title track “MAISON”, SuA was more than ready to do a special cheer for Inkigayo using the song’s signature dance. There was one person who wasn’t ready, though. Yeonjun was immediately surprised by SuA’s excitement, adorably covering his mouth.

Seeing SuA overflowing with hyper energy made Yeonjun equally surprised and flustered. Yeonjun couldn’t help laughing at his senior’s unexpected charm.

Viewers loved the moment between the two artists just as much.

Check out SuA’s unique energy that left Yeonjun humorously flustered.



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