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Eagle-Eyed MOAs Suspect TXT’s Taehyun Has A Secret Instagram Account

This isn’t the first time they were suspicious…

Does TXT‘s Taehyun have a secret Instagram account? Some MOAs think so…


Besides the official TXT account, run by BIGHIT MUSIC, Yeonjun was the only member to have his own individual Instagram account until leader Soobin created his account yesterday.

Now, MOAs suspect Taehyun has an Instagram already too…

| @TXT_members/Twitter

Taehyun shared a screenshot of Soobin’s Instagram to Weverse. He added three clapping emojis, celebrating the leader joining the app.

| Weverse

Eagle-eyed MOAs noticed that Taehyun intentionally cropped the very bottom of the screenshot. You can see that the profile picture for the account that Taehyun was active on was clearly TXT’s account. But if you have multiple accounts, a small red dot is underneath the profile picture. The intentional crop seems to have been done to eliminate it.


cropping that red dot like no one’s gonna notice ???? (i’m being delusional) #txt #txtmoa #taehyun

♬ Weak Fairy – OJ The DJ

This isn’t the first time MOAs have wondered if Taehyun has a secret Instagram account. Previously when he shared about Yeonjun joining Instagram, he hadn’t cropped the red dot out of his screenshot.


PRAYING #txt #taehyun #instagram X:TIME #moa

♬ Fellinluvwithmybestfriend – Iloveslowedmusic????

So, MOAs are excited about the possibilities of Taehyun’s potential public Instagram account. We can imagine travel photos, gym selfies, etc…

Until Taehyun is ready, we will wait patiently.




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