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ENHYPEN’s Jake Names His Biases In Stray Kids, NCT, And RIIZE

He chose two biases for one of the groups.

Proving that K-Pop idols are fans as well, ENHYPEN‘s Jake was happy to share which members of well-known boy groups were his ultimate favorites.


During an online fan signing, an ENGENE asked Jake to “choose a bias” in the popular groups Stray Kids, NCT, and RIIZE.

The fan began with Stray Kids. Rather than choosing just one bias in the JYP Entertainment group, he chose two. Jake named fellow Aussies Felix and Bang Chan.

Felix hyung as my bias. But you know how there’s a second bias? Chris hyung.

— Jake

Since there were so many NCT members, it took Jake a moment to decide. He ended up choosing the talented all-rounder Mark.

As for Jake’s bias in RIIZE, he chose a member who was once part of NCT. Like many fans and idols, he had a soft spot for the Japanese idol Shotaro.

Listen to the Korean Australian idol choose his favorite members here.



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