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Even A Security Guard Was Shook By TWICE Momo’s Pole Dancing Routine

TWICE‘s Momo is a gorgeous and talented dancer, often attracting attention for her stunning visuals while on stage.

TWICE’s Momo

Recently, her on-stage dancing left someone outside the fandom in awe — a security guard!

TWICE are currently on their 5th world tour, Ready To Be, and have entertained fans across the United States.

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The concerts have already had some pretty iconic moments, from when Chaeyoung‘s full back tattoo was revealed to Mina famously recreating her iconic “Sharon” pose.

TWICE’s performances on stage for this tour also have great responses from fans. Jeongyeon’s ” Juice ” solo performance is Lizzoapproved, while the fans have also eaten up the other solo performances.

For Momo’s solo stage, the idol performs a sexy dance cover of Beyoncé‘s “Move,” exciting fans with the pole dancing section of the performance.

Momo performed her stunning solo as usual during the group’s record-breaking concert at MetLife Stadium when fans noticed that one of the security guards was also focused on the screen.

When the screen switched to showing her spinning on the pole, the guard hilariously turned away, covering their mouth with their hand.

As another guard laughs at them, they shake their head as if to show they didn’t expect that kind of performance!

Fans found the video completely relatable!

Check out another hilarious moment from the concert below!

TWICE’s Jeongyeon Didn’t Know What To Do At Recent Concert When Sana, Jihyo, And Mina Suddenly Started Sexy-Dancing On Her





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