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EXO D.O.’s Dangerous Kiss Scene That Left Him In Pain

That must’ve been painful!

EXO‘s D.O. and actress Park Hye Soo held a press conference for their 2018 movie, Swing Kids. The actors had a kiss scene in the movie, and the press were dying to know some behind the scenes details from their experience.

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Surprisingly, D.O. described their kiss scene as “dangerous”! He explained that his character was forced to kiss Park Hye Soo’s character while getting stepped on from the back.

[Our kiss scene] was honestly a little dangerous.

It was a scene where I’m forced to kiss by getting stepped on from the back of my head. To recall a memorable situation, they stepped on me too hard so my teeth hurt.

— D.O.

Park Hye Soo agreed that their kiss scene was more dangerous and hurtful than what others may expect.

“As he mentioned, it was a little dangerous and hurtful.”

— Park Hye Soo

She also revealed that they had to film their kiss scene multiple times.

During the scene, we were supposed to portray a decent amount of uncomfort, but we looked either like we hated it or enjoyed it a little bit, so we had to film it multiple times.

— Park Hye Soo

D.O. revealed that Park Hye Soo is like a younger sister to him, and it was a complete joy to work alongside her.

exo do park hye soo kiss scene 3

Park Hye Soo was such a good younger sister. I think we were able to film in a fun atmosphere thanks to her acting talent and open personality.

— D.O.

Park Hye Soo also revealed that although they were awkward with each other at first, they became good friends and co-stars who could open up about many of their own concerns.

exo do park hye soo kiss scene 2

I was first awkward with [D.O.]. He didn’t talk much and didn’t open up easily. But one day he started joking around with me, and I was surprised.

“We were awkward when we first practiced, but thanks to that moment, I was able to talk with him about various concerns once we started filming.

I asked him questions about acting, and we were able to have a good synergy. It was fun acting with him.

— Park Hye Soo

D.O. and Park Hye Soo’s film Swing Kids premiered on December 19, 2018 at box offices throughout Korea. The movie grossed $10.9 million USD in Korea.

Check out their adorable interview below:




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