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EXO’s D.O. Has Unexpected Answer To IU’s Question About His Deepest Wish

Everyone loved his response!

EXO‘s D.O was the most recent guest on IU‘s interview program IU’s Palette.

IU and EXO’s D.O. | IU Official/YouTube

They amazed viewers with their delightful singing voices…

…and made them laugh with their natural chemistry and humor.

When it came to the latter, D.O ended the interview with a seemingly random thought that everyone found hilarious. It started when IU turned the mood around and asked the EXO singer to name his deepest wish.

[D.O.], if a meteor shower is happening right now, and your wish can come true, your wish will happen no matter what. What do you want to wish for?


With how serious the atmosphere was, the cast expected D.O. to say something deep and meaningful. Instead, without any hesitation, he answered that he wants ramyeon to be healthy!

I wish the healthiest food in the world is ramyeon.

— D.O.

IU couldn’t help but throw her head back in laughter right away, with the Palette Band behind doing the same. The subtitles added on to the screen aptly described the situation: “D.O. is so unpredictable.”

D.O. continued to defend his answer with a straight face, saying it has to be “healthy no matter what” and even that he wishes he could “get healthier even if you eat it three times a day.” 

do iu

If only his cravings could be satisfied without guilt!

Check out the full episode below to learn more about D.O. and IU.



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