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EXO’s D.O Makes A Run For It When He’s Done With Work And It’s Just Too Relatable

This is how we all should get off work!

Although our K-Pop idols work super hard to show us the best they have, it’s also nice to see little moments like this that show that they are human, after all! Recently on an online community, a past video of EXO’s D.O running after finishing work gained attention.

A staff member posted a video of D.O just running, so I wondered what it was about. It turns out it was him making a run for it after finishing filming for his drama. It’s so funny to see his team out of breath as they try to catch up to him. They are all really working hard.

The caption on the post also revealed just how fast he was running!

Please don’t run when you’re done with work…as someone who doesn’t exercise much, I’m out of breath.

— Staff member

After that video went viral, fans asked him during his birthday meeting if he knew about it.

Question: Did you know that the video of you running after finishing filming for the drama gained much attention?

D.O: Ah, me running after finishing work? But I always run after finishing work. It is because I hate being slow. That’s why I always have the mindset of ‘I must finish work first!’ When I hear the okay signal, I take off my clothes and run to go home. It’s a good thing to finish work early, am I right?


Fans that saw the video could relate as we all would love to go home early, right?

This is like me after work…

Netizens also couldn’t help but relate to his mindset of being first to leave!


  • “Lololol We must always be first to leave work!”
  • “Yes that is the way to leave work.”
  • “Lololol.”
  • “He is the model for all workers.”




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