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EXO’s Kai Goes Viral For The Most Relatable Reason Ever

All of us could relate to him!

EXO‘s Kai is going viral for the most relatable reason ever!

EXO’s Kai

Recently, Kai appeared at the 2022 MOKKOJI KOREA in UZBEKISTAN. There, he was interviewed by the Uzbekistan-based news channel UZREPORT TV.

Interviewer: This is your first visit to Uzbekistan. Please tell us about your impressions.

Kai: I am very happy to have visited this country. And as far as I know, none of the EXO members and other SM artists have ever visited Uzbekistan. Therefore, I am very glad that I had such an opportunity.

Interviewer: What feelings do you have before the concert, because this is the first time you will see the Uzbek audience?

Kai: Yes, it’s my first performing for an Uzbek audience, so, of course, I’m excited and looking forward to our meeting at the concert. But I’ve already seen them at the airport and here at the festival. Their amazing and incredible energy fills my heart, and I will perform with this love.

Interviewer: On stage, you are very charismatic and open, but in life, you are quite shy. How do you combine these dual personalities?

Kai: Yes, it really is. When I first go on stage in front of the fans, I am overwhelmed with energy, and I, without realizing it, become an idol again. But let’s say I was walking down the street yesterday and accidentally met one of the fans. I think at that moment he saw me as I am in ordinary life, that is, a simple guy who walks down the street and eats.

Interviewer: Tell us about your new album Peaches, about the new style and content.

Kai: The album Peaches is a comparison of the relationship between people and a peach. Love is soft and gentle, but at the same time, there is a stone, that is, something strong and solid. We have reflected on this metaphor in our choreography. If you watch the video for the song of the same name, you can see that I’m a little different there. And it shows a new style in my music, a new side of Kai that no one has seen before.

Interviewer: What can we expect from today’s concert?

Kai: I’ve been thinking a lot about what song my fans would like to hear at the concert. Since this is our first meeting, I wanted something fun and at the same time sensual. Therefore, three songs were chosen: “Peaches,” “Mmmh,” and “Reason.” They have different charms, and differ from each other in style. So, I hope, I will be able to show myself from different sides to a new audience.

Kai: My dear Uzbek fans! I am glad to see you for the first time! I expect a lot from the upcoming concert and hope to visit Uzbekistan again. This visit will be an unforgettable experience for me. I will never forget today. Thank you very much!

In Uzbekistan, Uzbek is the first language, while Russian is the second. So, during the interviewer’s introduction, he naturally didn’t understand what was said but respectfully stared intently at them anyway.

Finally, when the interviewer greeted him in Korean, his face lit up, and he responded.

This clip is going viral on social media due to his relatable and hilarious reaction.

One quote tweet of the OP (original post) especially has gone viral. User @n0thingonkai on Twitter said that Kai “was staring hard at her like subtitles will come out of her face.” 

The interview is two weeks old, but the video has been shared across social media lately. The clip has gone viral with 584.6K views on Twitter alone at the time of writing.

Netizens just can’t get over Kai’s relatable reaction to hearing his native language! We can relate as many of us have watched EXO content with no subtitles, only to feel proud when we suddenly recognize a familiar word.

Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 6.14.17 PM

Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 6.14.24 PM

He’s so effortlessly funny.

Source: n0thingonkai and  UZREPORT TV

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