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EXO’s Kai Might Be Fatally Charming On Stage, But These 10+ Moments Prove He’s Really Just An Adorable Clumsy Bear

#6 will remain legendary.

EXO‘s Kai is a dancing legend in K-Pop, but despite his deadly charisma on stage, he’s quite the softie in real life. Fans even distinguish between Kai (his stage name) and Jongin (his real name) to categorize his duality. These 12 moments reveal his clumsy yet endearing nature that has us all loving the idol even more.

1. This Is Kai.

If you ever see a perfectly functioning Kai offstage, it’s probably his clone, X-EXO Kai.


let me introduce.. #exo #jongin #fyp

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – WayV Official – WayV Official

2. Athletic? Maybe Not.

God gave him out-of-this-world talent in dance in exchange for having no other athletic abilities whatsoever.

3. Fired On The First Day

Thankfully Jongin’s an idol; otherwise, he’d have a hard time finding any part-time jobs.

4. Don’t Let Him In The Kitchen

He can make a tasty meal, but there will be plenty of hiccups before he gets to the final product.

5. One Of His Most Cursed Moments

When you try to play it cool but end up looking like a fool.


legend says that he never comeback to eat the spaghetti💀pray for kai yorobun😔🤙#kai #jongin #exo #exol #fyp #erigom

♬ cre chiếc nhạc bé xinh này giúp tớ nhé – 𝒚𝒆𝒐𝒏

6. This Iconic Coffee Accident

Honestly, this is an accurate representation of how life goes sometimes.

7. He’s Not Even Fazed

He’s more concerned about the cake than anything else.

8. Collateral Damage

Poor Suho never saw it coming, and neither did Kai himself.

9. A Day In The Life Of Jongin

Every day is accompanied by at least four spills and two phone drops.

10. Accidental Boomerang

Unlike his iconic “Boomerang” stage, where the top of his mic stand flew away, this bouncy green ball came back even when he didn’t want it to.

11. Chaotic From The Start

His adorable expression is why fans love Jongin’s clumsy side.

12. He’s Not Even Safe In Chairs

He can get a little too excited for his own good.

You can read more about his clumsy moments here:

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