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EXO’s Suho And Aespa’s Winter Get Caught Holding Hands, But It’s Not What It Looks Like

The context is important 😂

It doesn’t take much to get a dating rumor started in the K-Pop industry, and something as notable as seeing a male and female idol holding hands is sure to get people talking.

That’s why, when a post was made online reportedly sharing photos of EXO‘s Suho and aespa‘s Winter holding hands, netizens flocked to the page to see if the rumor was true.

Suho (EXO) | SM Entertainment

Winter (aespa)

And it turns out, somewhat surprisingly, that it was!

Suho (EXO) and Winter (aespa) | Pann Nate

Upon first glance, it might be pretty surprising to see the early third generation K-Pop idol and leader of EXO holding hands with the relatively new fourth generation idol a decade younger than him, but when the context is shared, it turns out to make a lot more sense.

It turns out that the photo is extremely zoomed in, and when the entire scene is shown, everything becomes clear. The two idols are holding hands with each other, and their fellow idols around them, during one of SM Entertainment‘s pre-show prayer sessions.

image (1)

And in actuality, it’s funny to compare how Suho is holding Winter’s hand with how he’s literally linking arms with SHINee‘s Minho next to him! It’s almost as though he was aware that the moment could be taken out of context, and did his best to make it as innocent as it truly was.


Reactions to the original post sharing the zoomed-in photo are hilariously savage.

  • “They just happened to be next to each other when the chairman told them to hold hands, so they’re not supposed to hold hands?”
  • “F*ckㅋㅋㅋ I’m flustered at the level of reaching you guys are doing now ;;;;”
  • “They always hold each other’s hands before concerts and “pray” thoughㅠ Please stop with your delusions~ And if you have any shame, Suho is a 91’er and Winter a 01’er, do you really want to ship them? ;; “
  • “What friends f*ck everyone is holding each other’s hands and it just happens that Suho and Winter are next to each other, why are you just cutting that part off?”
  • “It literally looks like he’s trying to stay as far away from her as possible to not make her uncomfortable”
  • “Yeah he’s literally cradling Minho’s arm though lol”
  • “They’re in the church of Kwangya don’t interrupt them with this nonsense”

Hopefully there will come a day when idols are allowed to show each other physical affection without rumors immediately beginning to fly!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa



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