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Fact Check: Did TWICE’s Sana And Jihyo Kiss On Stage?

TWICE‘s Sana and Jihyo have the most precious relationship!

They are always their for each other and share a caring, sisterly bond. Plus, they also love to be silly and show off their adorable chemistry together.

That’s why during TWICE’s latest stop of their “Ready To Be” Tour, fans were ecstatic when the two showed off just how close they are!

| @RODR1RP/Twitter

In a viral video, Jihyo gets up close and personal with the camera. Meanwhile, Sana comes in and gives her a smooch — on the lips! Jihyo appears shocked at what just happened.

| @RODR1RP/Twitter

Let’s take a closer look. From a different angle, we can see things more clearly…

| @nanniiela/TikTok

…and the two girls only pretend to go in for the kiss!

| @nanniiela/TikTok

Sana is known for her love of being a physically affectionate person and has even revealed that her drinking habit is kissing…

…so though they didn’t actually smooch, the moment quickly circulated online. However, ONCEs just love any and all interactions between these beloved girls!




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