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Fact Check: Is SEVENTEEN Joshua’s Rumored Girlfriend Pregnant?

Netizens presented several pieces of alleged evidence.

An Instagram post uploaded by SEVENTEEN Joshua‘s rumored girlfriend, has sparked pregnancy rumors.

Joshua | Pinterest
Cho Mi Young | @mi0___0/Instagram 

Recently, an Instagram story uploaded by model Cho Mi Young, who is rumored to be the girlfriend of Joshua, has sparked pregnancy rumors.

Korean Netizens Defend SEVENTEEN Joshua’s Rumored Girlfriend Amid Alleged Pregnancy Post

The rumors stem from a “Pregnancy Badge” that was allegedly seen in the Instagram story.


A “Pregnancy Badge” is given to expecting mothers so that people in public would be careful around them.

A version of the pregnancy badge featuring the logo. | Ahn Ji Young

Cho Mi Young’s story has since gone viral, with many of the idol’s fans reacting to the story by leaving hateful, malicious comments on her Instagram.

Why would you even show the pregnancy card in this picture? LMAO. Baby girl, are you pregnant? If not, what was the point of sharing this with your Stories?

— Netizen

As the news of the model’s Instagram story went viral, several fans stepped up to reveal that the badge and the car in the video belonged to a friend of hers.

  • That pregnancy card wasn’t hers, right? But these comments cross the line… I hope she sues them.
  • That doesn’t belong to Joshua’s girlfriend. The badge belongs to her friend. This is the photo of the person who is pregnant (now deleted).
  • She was just in her friend’s car when she uploaded it. You guys are so obviously trying to frame her. 
  • Is this person (Cho Mi Young’s friend) an influencer? I think it’s best if you hid her face (picture).
  • You guys are claiming that she is getting cursed at because she pretended to be pregnant by using her friend’s pregnancy badge? So you’re claiming that she wasn’t getting cursed at before this?
  • It’s crazy that someone would go into their Instagram, but it is also weird to upload someone else’s pregnancy badge, LOL. Even if it’s her friend, I’ve never seen someone act like someone else’s badge was theirs.

Netizens then pointed to another Instagram story from the model as evidence of her alleged pregnancy. In a previous Instagram story, the model revealed she was gifted TUMS. Korean netizens claimed that TUMS was mainly taken by pregnant women.

Cho Mi Young uploaded TUMS on her story. Turns out TUMS is taken by pregnant women. Joshua, you bastard.

— @Kaeleos15/Twitter

While TUMS claims it is safe for pregnant women, it is false to say that the medicine is mainly taken by pregnant women. In fact, TUMS is one of the most commonly taken heartburn and acid indigestion medicines in the world.


While Joshua and his alleged girlfriend are the only ones who know for sure, all evidence seems to point to these rumors being absolutely false.




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