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Fact Check: Is The “Evidence” That BTS’s Jungkook And BLACKPINK’s Rosé Are Dating Real?

Viral videos are circulating the internet with millions on views!

Recently, TikTok videos have been going viral with alleged evidence that BTS‘s Jungkook and BLACKPINK‘s Rosé are dating, but is it real?

BTS’s Jungkook | @jungkook.97/Instagram
BLACKPINK’s Rosé | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Recently, a video has been going viral, with interactions of nearly 400,000 likes and over 4 million views (and still growing), with evidence that the two idols are dating.

The first piece of proof was a photo allegedly showing Rosé and Jungkook together on the street with a member of staff, where the BTS member seems to be leaning into the BLACKPINK idol.

The video that sparked the speculation with 4+ million views and 400,000+ likes (as of 4 Sep 11:30 PM KST) | @bangpinkwxsst/TikTok

Yet, netizens quickly noticed something sus about the photo. Along with there is a white line around Jungkook, which is known to show editing…

The white lines seen are commonly linked to editing

Some netizens noticed that they had spotted the sweatshirt before and was seen back in 2019 when Jimin and Jungkook were in London.

The photos of Jungkook in London with the outfit seen

In particular, fans found the exact photo of Jungkook that was used in the supposed “proof” that was taken in London. In the OG photo, it’s impossible not to notice that Jungkook is wearing the same clothes and in the same pose as the photo with Rosé.

The exact photo seemingly used for the edit with Jungkook wearing the same clothes and in the same pose

The OG picture used as the background is actually a photo taken of the BLACKPINK singer with Talia Ryder on the streets of New York in 2021.

Another piece of “proof” from several TikTok users pointed out the similarities between photos of the idols in the car looking at the details of the interior.

Fans quickly pointed out that it was normal for idols to have the same kind of car when traveling to and from schedules, especially if it involves greeting fans.

Another fan shared similar evidence and, along with photos from recent trips where they claimed both idols stayed in the same location and links with photos.

They also pointed out that both singers were spotted at the Harry Styles concert in Korea.


Replying to @popcorn12 #JUNGKOOK #ROSÉ #ROSEKOOK #ROSÉKOOK

♬ LIMBO – Sped Up Version – keshi

Yet, it was known that many K-Pop and celebrities attended the show when the singer came to Korea, so they were amongst a huge crowd of both female and male stars.

| @iminlovewith11/TikTok

With technology becoming more advanced, it’s not surprising that more edited photos of idols together seem realistic. Yet, it seems like the “Proof” in recent videos doesn’t really showcase anything about the two idols.

Source: @bangpinkwxst and @iminluvwith11



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