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Fact Check: SEVENTEEN’s Dino Produced JoJo Siwa’s New Song “Karma”

Genius Korea released a statement.

Former child star, known for Dance Moms, JoJo Siwa is currently in the process of rebranding.

She is soon releasing new music. So, JoJo has recently been releasing teasers for “Karma,” the lead single off of her upcoming sophomore studio album.


Volume up….❤️‍🔥🌊🔃

♬ Karma – JoJo Siwa


Secret info in my bio.⏳

♬ www.JoJoSiwa.com – JoJo Siwa

The song has already garnered attention before its official release, so netizens are looking for more information. Eagle-eyed netizens were shocked to discover among the producer credits for “Karma” listed on Genius was none other than SEVENTEEN‘s Dino.

SEVENTEEN’s Dino | PLEDIS Entertainment
| Genius

Carats (SEVENTEEN fandom) were in disbelief that Dino, of all people, had allegedly worked on a song for JoJo Siwa. Some tried to rationalize it as that Dino could have produced music that got sold to someone else later.

Yet, the information for “Karma” on YouTube differed. A producer named Dino was credited, but it didn’t appear stylized as SEVENTEEN member DINO.

| YouTube

Additionally, the producer credits on Genius have since been edited. Dino’s name is no longer listed.

Screen Shot 2024-03-20 at 10.48.24 AM
| Genius

Genius Korea also addressed the matter via its official X (formerly Twitter) account, apologizing for the confusion. The company explained that SEVENTEEN’s Dino was mistakenly included, as an unfamiliar editor had added the name.

Thanks to Genius Korea, the rumors were quickly debunked!

Source: Genius and cosmokwan

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