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Fan Allegedly Faked Wedding Anniversary To Hug TXT’s Beomgyu

Many fans wished they were in her shoes.

On the first day of TXT‘s 2024 TXT FANLIVE PRESENT X TOGETHER, one lucky fan was part of an interaction with Beomgyu that made everyone jealous. However, the fan allegedly told a lie to earn that interaction.

TXT’s Beomgyu

Beomgyu’s goal was to find a fan whose wedding anniversary was the day of the concert, March 2. One fan stepped forward and received a hug from Beomgyu as the prize. They later revealed what happened leading up to that moment.

The alleged fan made a post explaining they had no clue what Beomgyu had asked and raised their hand to interact with the idol anyway. They also admitted their wedding anniversary wasn’t in March at all. Netizens commented on how funny they found the misunderstanding but didn’t speak for all of them.

Alleged fan sharing details about her interaction with Beomgyu.

I didn’t know what the question was. Since Soobin and Taehyun went over to a fan when they put their hand up, I told the person beside me, no matter what the question is, I’d put my hand up right away once Beomgyu asks.

Then, I didn’t know what the question was, I didn’t understand anything, but I put my hand up right away. A Chinese person who knew Korean told me it was something about your wedding anniversary being in March. Mine isn’t in March, but the video was filmed on the 3rd, so he said that’s right. Oh my gosh, I really didn’t know what the question was, I just put my hand up without knowing what was going on.

— Post from alleged fan

  • “You’re so blessed.”
  • “So lucky.”
  • “You’re the only one who went for a hug.”
  • “So funny.”
  • “You didn’t even know what the question was.”
  • “Everything was worth it for you this time.”

One unhappy fan saw the explanation of what happened and shared their thoughts on Threads. They were extremely upset to discover the fan hadn’t truly earned the interaction with Beomgyu and noticed an ongoing pattern in fans’ behavior.


Post by @btmgyuuuu

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This is ridiculous…I thought the fan who hugged Beomgyu was really married. I even thought they looked cute when they were bouncing while hugging. But she didn’t even fit the criterion……3 out of the 5 members got played by fans. Do they think TXT are idiots?

— Threads post from unhappy fan

The situation caused further confusion when the alleged fan claimed that Beomgyu and the staff checked a photo from her phone to confirm the March anniversary, implying that she may have also used fake evidence.

Another account from the alleged fan about the interaction.

F*ck, the stars really aligned for me. I’m going to cry. I said once Beomgyu says it I’d put my hand up right away, but I didn’t think it would work out. We hugged 😭😭 My whole life is worth it now 😭😭 I love you, Choi Beomgyu

— Alleged fan




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