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Fan Begs TWICE To Promote More In Korea And Chart Better In Viral Post

“Even less impressive songs climb the charts with proper promotion.”

In a recent appeal that has quickly gone viral on the popular community site, Pann, a dedicated fan of TWICE has openly requested the group to ramp up their promotional activities in South Korea.

twice teaser
| JYP Entertainment

The fans’ plea comes during a growing concern among the fanbase that despite the group’s multiple music releases, a lack of sufficient promotion within their home country is hindering their potential success on music charts.

The fan’s post passionately argues for TWICE to demonstrate more commitment to their South Korean promotions by suggesting they prerecord performances for local music shows or create exclusive stages for their YouTube channel.

If you’ve made a comeback, please show some sincerity about it. Either pre-record your performances for local music shows or shoot a separate stage and upload it to YouTube.

— Fan on Pann Nate

us weekly -- twice
| US Weekly

The call extends to appearances on variety shows, highlighting how other artists manage to secure features on prominent platforms like IU‘s and Yoo Jae Suk‘s YouTube channels with apparent ease.

Please make appearances on variety shows too. Other teams manage to get featured on popular platforms like IU’s and Yoo Jae Suk’s YouTube channels just fine.

— Fan on Pann Nate

twice tour rolling stone
TWICE during their tour. | Rolling Stone

This is really extreme,” the fan writes, lamenting the group’s approach to promotion that seemingly limits their activities to a mere week. “You’ve produced such great songs but failed to promote them,” the post continues, expressing frustration over the missed opportunity to leverage the group’s catchy tracks for greater chart success.

The post — which garnered over 158,000 views and nearly 100 comments — ignited a conversation among fans. Many echo the sentiment, pointing a finger at the group’s management for prioritizing international over domestic promotions. There seems to be a shared disappointment over the perceived neglect of the South Korean market.

Even less impressive songs climb the charts with proper promotion. It’s a real shame for the tracks.

— Fan on Pann Nate

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The fan’s post on Pann. | Pann Nate

TWICE — now considered a senior group in the growing K-Pop industry — boasts a significant international following and an impressive discography that spans multiple hit songs and albums. Since their debut in 2015, they’ve been known for their infectious tunes and awe-worthy performances, securing their place as one of the leading girl groups globally.

However, the recent discourse among fans proves the group has faced a problem when it comes to the balance between domestic and international promotions. Whether TWICE or JYP Entertainment will address these worries, remains to be seen.




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