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Fan Trips And Falls In Chaotic Airport Mob, BLACKPINK’s Rosé Goes Viral For Her Reaction

The BLACKPINK star’s reaction left an impression on netizens.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has once again made headlines — this time for her reaction towards a fan incident amidst a chaotic scene at Incheon International Airport.

rose airport 1

Earlier this morning, as Rosé prepared to depart for Paris to attend her overseas schedule, her arrival at the airport drew an immense crowd of fans and press. All were eager to catch a glimpse of the star — leading to a commotion in the airport area.

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The scene at Incheon Airport was a testament to Rosé’s immense popularity, with fans and media swarming to follow her departure. Amid all this fervor, fans — who were overwhelmed with excitement — reached out to Rosé with letters and gifts, attempting to run towards her.

Security guards — in an attempt to maintain order and ensure Rosé’s safety — urged the crowd with warnings such as “Please don’t push,” “It’s dangerous, so please step back a bit,” and “We’ll go slowly.” However, the situation took a tense turn when one fan accidentally fell, causing an immediate stir among the crowd with fans screaming in alarm.

In a moment that has since gone viral, Rosé, visibly startled by the incident, momentarily paused her steps to reach out toward the fan on the ground. The BLACKPINK star approached the fan and asked, “Are you okay?

The incident, while potentially dangerous, was fortunately resolved quickly, allowing Rosé to safely proceed with her departure. Fans online have since flooded social media with praise for Rosé’s reaction, with comments such as “Rosé, who stopped to make sure everyone was okay, is truly a kind person,” and “Rosé was worried about the fans. She was really sweet,” reflecting the deep admiration and respect her fans hold for her.

rose airport

Meanwhile, Rosé — along with Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa — has renewed her contract for group activities under YG Entertainment, with the members also pursuing individual activities separately. This recent incident will undoubtedly remain a memorable moment, further endearing Rosé to her fans and the public for her compassion and warm heart.




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