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Fans Are Touched By EXO Baekhyun’s Reaction To Sehun’s Enlistment Letter

EXO-L’s, are you ready for the party when everyone returns?

Most recently, EXO-L‘s received the news that EXO‘s youngest member Sehun, would be enlisting in the military this month. He posted a handwritten letter on Weverse, reassuring fans that he would return soon.

EXO Sehun’s handwritten letter | Weverse

Hello this is Sehun. Are you all doing well? I am writing this letter because I have to tell you all something. I will be enlisting in the military as of December 21. I apologize for announcing this news to EXO-L’s so late.

These days, I’ve been spending time alone, reflecting on myself and thinking deeply. Because of that, I am unable to show my face to you, so I’m saying hello to you like this. I hope you can understand me not being able to say hello in person. Thank you so much to everyone who cares for me. I hope everyone stays healthy until the day we meet again. I will also come back in good health. Thank you.


After seeing his letter, member Baekhyun posted a message to fans through Bubble.

Baekhyun’s messages | Bubble

Sehun’s military enlistment letter has gone up…I know that EXO-L’s are frustrated, but Sehun and the other members are all thinking about EXO and EXO-L’s. Let’s all have a huge party together when we meet again. Please leave lots of messages of support for Sehun!

Baekhyun’s messages | Bubble

Feeling sad and not wanting to send him…I know how all of you are feeling. When I went, and during my time there, I read your messages! Secretly! During my military service, I watched so many EXO and solo stages on YouTube. I’m sure Sehun will be missing you all so much too. Jongin too. So please send him messages to go and return well!

EXO-L’s were happy to see Baekhyun checking up the fans and reassuring them that time will pass and that they will all be together again.

We wish Sehun the best of luck!




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