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Fans Call Out Stylist After A Wardrobe Malfunction Injures NCT Dream Jisung’s Hand

He sustained cuts on his hand.

During a performance at the 2024 Circle Chart Music Awards, fans noticed that NCT Dream’s Jisung was nursing an injured hand. Although the injured area was small, his knuckle was scraped raw and bleeding.

Close-up of injury. | @7dreampjs/Twitter

Fans deduced that it was due to the cuff coming loose. During their acceptance speech before the performance, Jisung’s hand was absolutely fine. Here, the cuff is turned out, with the beaded ornaments facing out. Worn like this, the ornaments would have zero contact or friction with his skin.

During the speech. | @7dreampjs/Twitter

During the group’s performance of “ISTJ,” the cuff was turned in, with the uncomfortable ornaments coming into contact with Jisung’s skin. Fans alleged that the beads had injured him.

Close-up of injury. | @7dreampjs/Twitter

The cuff was still in place when they performed “Hot Sauce.”

Screenshot from fancam of “Hot Sauce.”

By the end of “Hot Sauce,” the cuffs had been loosened considerably, with perhaps one of its fastens coming undone during the intense dance break.

You can see the state of the cuffs at the end of the fancam.

Jisung’s cuff was turned in on itself during “ISTJ,” where he sustained the injuries. The sharp ornaments scraped his hand during the choreography.

Fans are duly upset at the stylist for not being more careful. The multiple scrapes and scratches on his hand broke the hearts of many fans.

The beaded ornaments were set in metal, making them sharper than one thinks.

Fans have brought the matter to the attention of the stylists and the company by tagging SM Entertainment and the boys’ official accounts.





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