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Fans Defend NCT DREAM’s Jeno From Body Shaming Comments

NCT DREAM‘s Jeno is facing body shaming comments from netizens.

A now-deleted post on Pann gathered comments that spewed judgement towards his shirtless appearance on the Seoul leg of the group’s The Dream Show 3 concert.


The original post claimed that there were “more handsome guys” on Instagram, with others chiming in that the singer “does not have chest muscles” and “looks tacky when he removes his shirt so often,” with some even comparing him to a skeleton.

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Fans quickly came to his defense. They emphasized that it was strange for netizens to be scrutinizing his body so closely and added that the opinion of fans who attended the concert were the ones that mattered, and they more than happy to see him.

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As proof, Jeno went viral with his shirtless performances earlier this month. Posts sharing his photos racked up thousands of likes each.

Fans also pointed out that the comments made it sound like he was deliberately half-naked most of the day, but he only showed his abs for a few seconds. Since he’s “a grown adult” who can make his own decisions, there was nothing to contest.


Finally, they denounced the body-shaming comments once and for all.

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Back in the concert, NCT DREAM’s leader, Mark, also praised Jeno for his visuals and confidence. He pointed out that it was not easy for the younger idol to expose himself in front of everyone and that viewers “should be thankful for that.”




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