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Fans Enraged After Red Velvet’s Joy Mentions Her Weight Again

“[It] breaks my heart that she feels this way.”

Recent events have sparked anger among fans of Red Velvet‘s Joy, as she addressed the topic of her weight during a fan interaction. This comes amidst a history of scrutiny and unwarranted comments about her body image, raising questions about the impact of such criticism on the popular singer.

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The issue of body image in the entertainment industry is a persistent one, and Red Velvet’s Joy has unfortunately not been immune to it. Despite her immense talent and charisma, Joy has been the target of negative remarks regarding her weight.

The topic resurfaced following Red Velvet’s recent performance at the Lazada Festival Concert in Indonesia on December 13, where they appeared alongside SHINee‘s Key. Joy, radiant in pink, was her usual cheerful self, but this did not shield her from criticism. An online forum post titled “People asking if Joy gained too much weight” included screenshots of Joy from the event, igniting a wave of discussions.

| @_imyour_joy/Instagram

In a heartening turn, Korean netizens rallied around Joy, referencing her health-related hiatus earlier in the year. Their support was a clear rebuke to the unwarranted criticism — though angry fans pointed out that the comments were backhanded.

  • Didn’t Joy halt activities before? She’ s probably facing health issues and those f*cking pieces of trash are insulting her for her weightㅋㅋㅋ She’s gunna look f*cking prettier than their fantasies when she loses weight again anyways, so OP, go fix your busted up face firstㅠ
  • She’s gunna look like this when she loses weight again anyways. I look ugly even when I lose weight. Stop bothering someone who halted activities due to health reasons and go lose weight yourselfㅋㅋㅋ
| Pann

International fans also expressed their solidarity, emphasizing Joy’s beauty at any weight and praising her vibrant presence at the concert. However, the impact of these comments on Joy’s self-perception became evident during a recent interaction with fans.

Outside the SBS building, when fans complimented her cuteness, Joy responded with a heartbreaking answer. Joy’s answer was so tinged with self-consciousness that it sparked outrage among her supporters.

I’m cute? But I gained weight… (It’s because) I ate well and rested well… Did you guys eat well and rest well too?

— Red Velvet’s Joy

Fans took to social media platforms like Twitter to express their anger and disappointment at those who negatively commented on Joy’s appearance. Their tweets ranged from expressions of heartbreak over Joy’s comments to vehement curses against the critics.

The situation surrounding Joy’s recent remarks about her weight is a stark reminder of the harmful effects that body shaming and unrelenting scrutiny can have on public figures. It’s crucial for both the public and the media to foster a more supportive and healthy environment where talented artists like Joy can thrive without the burden of unrealistic and harmful standards.

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