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Fans Praise aespa’s “IDGAF” Attitude When Interacting With NCT Following “Absurd” Dating Rumors

“Idols should be able to have basic interactions…”

Aespa has been gaining praise for the members’ “IDGAF” attitude when it comes to doing dance challenges following “absurd” dating rumors.

Members of aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

Recently, aespa and fellow SM Entertainment group NCT have made fans smile like crazy with their TikTok videos together. While most groups just collaborate for “challenges,” the idols have been doing other trends with each other.




Unsurprisingly, when any female and male idols interact, rumors arrive. One photo gained attention amongst both international and Korean idols, showing the members of aespa and those in NCT, with a caption “implying” a relationship between them.

| Nate Pann

These images, along with other “evidence” (especially surrounding Winter and Jaehyun), have promoted “unwarranted” and “stupid” rumors about the members of aespa and NCT dating.

After all the rumors, while some thought someone was out for the members…

Netizens loved how aespa “DGAF” when posting the TikTok videos. In particular, while many female idols and their companies would avoid doing videos to avoid rumors, netizens netizens loved how aespa continued doing them and showcasing the friendship between the two SM groups.

Many netizens have complained about how “cautious” new idols are about interacting with artists of the opposite sex. For many, the fact aespa are continuing to post cute videos showcases how iconic they are.



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