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Fans Realize How Much NCT Dream Jaemin’s Body Has Changed —And Many Think He Might Be Stronger Than Jeno Now

Jaemin and Jeno should have an arm wrestling match.

NCT DREAM‘s Jaemin has always shown off a sexy and cute duality that catches the eyes of both fans and non-fans alike online and in real life. Jaemin’s sexy brain only adds to the overall package!

Following a series of appearances by NCT Dream at different concerts and festivals, fans are taking notice of how quickly Jaemin’s body has changed over the last year or so!

While Jaemin has always had a nice body, comparing the difference between Jaemin’s arms now and during “Boom” promotions, one of the first times he wore sleeveless shirts, shows the huge difference in the size of his biceps in particular. 

Jaemin in 2019 vs Jaemin in 2022

Even when comparing Jaemin’s arms to photos from earlier this year when the group were promoting “Glitch Mode,” a significant difference can be seen. This means Jaemin recently went into overdrive at the gym!

Jaemin in March 2022.

Jaemin in Fall 2022.

Fans have even been saying that Jaemin’s muscles are now bigger than Jeno’s, who also went viral when fans realized how much he too had changed over the years.

Jeno (right) and Jaemin (left).

Jeno (right) and Jaemin (left).

Jaemin has expressed a desire to continue working out and get even bigger, so fans will have that to look forward to!





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