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Fans Suspect That BLACKPINK Might Have Renewed Their Contracts With YG Entertainment

The group was announced on June 29, 2016.

YG Entertainment announced the debut of BLACKPINK on June 29, 2016. They debuted on August 8 of the same year with Square One and impressed fans with their powerful image and skills.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Lisa, Rosé, and Jennie

Since then, the members have become global icons, breaking many records and continually showing off their immense talents and phenomenal performances.

Still, despite the tremendous success BLACKPINK has achieved, fans have been speculating for a while about whether or not the members would renew their contract with YG Entertainment.

Many K-Pop groups have succumbed to the “seven-year curse,” which is when a group’s contract expires and the members have to decide whether they will renew individually. Some groups like TWICE and SEVENTEEN have overcome the “curse,” but they have opened up about how difficult the process was. Other groups like MAMAMOO or MONSTA X have had one or more members leave the company while still remaining an active part of the group.

It is assumed that BLACKPINK’s contract will end in 2023, given their debut in 2016, and many fans suspected that the members might choose to leave YG Entertainment. Some fans believe this might be the best move for the members’ careers since YG Entertainment continually gives the group extremely long hiatuses between comebacks and infrequent promotions.

Fans have often pointed out that if BLACKPINK didn’t resign with YG Entertainment, the members could pursue their own passions and would likely be more active.

Still, fans of the group know how much the members love and support each other and often point out how happy they look when on stage, so they hope the group can stay together regardless of their contracts.

Currently, BLACKPINK are starting their world tour, BORN PINK, after the release of their latest album by the same name.

YG Entertainment has also recently announced that BLACKPINK will headline the BST Hyde Park 2023 festival on July 2, 2023.

Many fans are alleging that because BLACKPINK likely signed their contracts in June 2016, their contracts would be set to expire in June 2023. Thus, if the group has a schedule planned for a month later, the members would have likely renewed their contracts.

Some fans voiced concerns about the possible news since fans have often complained about YG Entertainment’s management of the group. Still, other fans pointed out that while BLACKPINK were all young when they initially signed with YG Entertainment, they all are now very familiar with the music industry and likely would have negotiated the best terms for their contracts. Similarly, they wouldn’t renew their contracts if they didn’t think it was in their best interest.

Still, while the possible news is exciting, some fans are pointing out that no one knows exactly when the group’s contracts will expire and other fans have pointed out that it’s possible they simply extended the contract to the end of 2023 to conclude activities.

At this time, there is no official update from YG Entertainment or BLACKPINK.

What are your thoughts?

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