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Filipino Fans Praise SEVENTEEN For Taking Action Amid “Dangerous Organizer Failures”

Multiple fans experienced issues during the concert, according to attendees.

SEVENTEEN are receiving praise for their actions during their recent concert.

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As part of their Follow tour, SEVENTEEN have performed across Asia for the last few months. Their latest stops were in the Phillippines, two nights of concerts in Bulacan.

Fans were excited for the group to return, but many issues happened throughout the day of the show, with blame being placed on Live Nation PH.

“F*CK Live Nation PH” — Everything That Went Wrong At SEVENTEEN’s “Follow” Concert In The Philippines 

This includes what fans called dangerous conditions in the GA pit areas of the show.

According to attendees, these areas were overfilled with people jammed together too closely and did not have staff members monitoring. The event was sold out, and photos of the floor from the seated section give an honest look at just how many people were there.

Throughout the day, the temperature remained in the mid to high 80s Fahrenheit (from 30 to 31 Celcius), with a high humidity index making it feel even hotter. These conditions were only worsened by the amount of body heat from those squeezed into the pit.

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Fans were only allowed to purchase water inside the venue and reported that water was not readily available for those in the pit. Thankfully, SEVENTEEN took notice more than once during the show to help fans.

First, during soundcheck, though he was not feeling well, Seungkwan requested staff give water to fans who had been waiting in line for hours in the sun. Hoshi was also seen splashing water on fans to cool them down.

During one part of the show, Hoshi expressed shock that fans did not have access to water.

A fan reportedly fainted during the concert, likely due to the heat. While speaking, Hoshi noticed and immediately went to that side as Joshua requested help for the person.

The members then handed off water bottles from the stage to be passed around the section. The members hovered on that side of the stage, trying to get fans to space themselves out in the cramped conditions.

Fans thanked the group for showing them concern amid the dangerous conditions.




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