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“Flirting?”— Netizens Pick Up On The “True Friendship” Vibes Between BLACKPINK’s Lisa And SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu

Bestie energy.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu recently were spotted together at a BVLGARI event in Seoul. They stunned with their visual combination in black outfits.

| Nate Pann

Fans wondered if there was something going on between them, with how giggling the two were as they chatted.


Such buzz was soon put to rest when fans found out how much “bestie energy” they were channeling! As they were talking, Lisa playfully made a “flirty” face at him. Mingyu’s response was a stoic look instead.

Netizens immediately claimed that this was totally a realistic reaction from true friends!


  • His face is like when you’re all “what are you doing” when a true girl bestie tries to act flirty.
  • Isn’t it true that almost all 3rd generation idols are close with one another? They never made it obvious in the past, but as they are getting later in their careers, from the interactions we see sometimes, they all look close in general amongst all genders. All their ages are also mostly between 95-98 lines.
  • LOL are they friends? I saw how he asked Lisa to move forward a little when they took photos together.

In South Korea, girls often ask guys to stand in front of them while taking photos so that their face appears smaller. This is a common occurrence, so much so that some consider it “good manners” for men to automatically do so when taking a photo with a girl. For Mingyu to make that request of Lisa only proves that their relationship is definitely one of friends! In the video below, he tells her to move forward a little, making her laugh.


| Nate Pann
  • Why do they seem like such realistic boy-girl friends? LOL. I feel like I’m looking at my best guy friend. If I did that to him, his facial expression would sour and he would look away.
  • Totally true friend vibes LOL.

Check out more of their interactions below.

BLACKPINK Lisa And SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s Multiple Interactions At The BVLGARI Event Shock Netizens To The Core



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