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For The First Time In 67 Months, The #1 K-Pop Boy Group Brand Reputation Ranking Has Changed

That’s over five and a half years!

On January 13, the Korea Brand Reputation Research Institute released the results of their monthly K-Pop boy group brand reputation rankings. While the rankings on this list change from month to month, the group that has reigned with the #1 position for the past 67 months — over five and a half years — has been BTS.


However, January 2024’s rankings have become the first to feature a different artist in the #1 position since BTS first started their reign back so many months ago!

Following their recent and impressive growth in popularity, especially with album sales, SEVENTEEN has become the new #1 artist in the K-Pop boy group brand reputation ranking.

SEVENTEEN | Pledis Entertainment

Interestingly, the #2 position is also taken by someone besides BTS! NCT comes in at the second position this month, with BTS still placed high at #3.

NCT | SM Entertainment

With all of BTS’s members now enlisted in the military, it only makes sense that their brand reputation would decline for a while — in fact, their brand points have decreased by about 47% since December. Once their members start completing their enlistments later this year, it will be unsurprising to see it go back up again!

Jungkook (BTS)

From #15 to #1, this month’s brand reputation rankings are as follows: BOYNEXTDOORBTOBTVXQSuper JuniorATEEZASTROSHINeeEXOStray KidsTHE BOYZZEROBASEONERIIZE, BTS, NCT, and SEVENTEEN.

K-Pop boy group brand reputation ranking for January 2024 | Korea Brand Reputation Research Institute

Congratulations to SEVENTEEN for this impressive accomplishment!



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