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Four Members Of The Iconic ’97-Liners Reunite — Leaving A Special Gift As A Reminder

It’s always heartwarming to see idols hanging out with each other!

When it comes to iconic friendship groups in K-Pop, none is more loved than the ’97-liners. Over the years, the friendship group has expanded and now consists of idols from BTS, GOT7, SEVENTEEN, ASTRO, NCT, and Stray Kids.

(From left) Cha Eunwoo, Jungkook, Mingyu, and Yugyeom | @BTS_twt/Twitter
| @0_1000_movie/Instagram

Over the years, the members have treated us to some insane interactions.

Back in April, SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu made fans very happy after sharing photos of himself with besties BTS’s Jungkook and ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo.

BTS’s Jungkook, SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu, and ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo | @min9yu_k/Instagram
| @min9yu_k/Instagram

After the adorable pictures were posted (and Jungkook finally joined Mingyu for the “SUPER” challenge), netizens were waiting for another reunion between the three besties… and it finally happened.

On June 27 (KST), a Korean netizen shared that the three idols had visited a restaurant together the night before.

Jungkook came to Konkuk University Simmanee last night. 97 liners. They even drew a 97 picture. Jungkook Cha Eunwoo and Mingyu. I want to meet JK too. They said that they were at the table next to us.

— OP

As adorable as it was that the idols met up, netizens couldn’t help but notice the gift they had left at the restaurant. On the wall, a huge “97” was drawn, and it was surrounded by signatures.

While netizens were initially trying to work out who the final signature was, it seems like it wasn’t just three ’97 liners who met up… but four! According to one fan, the final person who had signed their name on the wall was none other than NCT’s Jaehyun.

NCT’s Jaehyun | @_jeongjaehyun/Instagram

According to a fan account from someone alleged to be working at the restaurant at the time, the final person was Jaehyun, whose name was the last signature on the wall but with his real name “Yun-Oh.”

It’s not surprising that netizens are obsessed with hearing anecdotes about idols meeting up. While they always have busy schedules, it’s reassuring that they have time to meet up with their friends like normal people.

You can read more about the iconic friendship group below.



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