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G-DRAGON’s Agency Responds To Rumors That BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Will Be Joining The Company

They denied all rumors.

It was recently rumored that content creation company Galaxy Corporation had signed an exclusive contract with BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo. This follows news that YG Entertainment had failed to contract with the members of BLACKPINK regarding their solo activities. YG Entertainment is signed to manage their group activities still.

Galaxy Corporation has denied the rumors strictly. iMBC reached out to the company to check the facts. They strictly denied all rumors as soon as Jisoo’s name was mentioned. As the process of moving agencies is tricky and complicated, the media asked Galaxy Corporation if anything had happened in the process of trying to obtain a contract with Jisoo. The company stated that many had been contacting them to verify the situation.

We’ve been receiving many calls about that. But that’s not true. If anything like that happens, we’ll let you know.

— Galaxy Corporation

Galaxy Corporation recently signed with G-DRAGON after his contract with YG Entertainment concluded.




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