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Girl’s Day Hyeri’s Younger Sister Surprises Netizens With Her Stunning Visuals While Meeting BLACKPINK

“I thought she was one of the members!” 🤯

Girl’s Day Hyeri‘s younger sister Hyerim is just as gorgeous as her idol sister, and now her visuals are going viral after her newest photos!

Hyerim recently took photos with BLACKPINK during their “Born Pink” world tour. However, the comments quickly became flooded with compliments on her flawless visuals and proportions that made her fit right in with the group.

| @lh_m_2/Instagram

Known for their small faces, Hyerim’s tiny face doesn’t lose when standing together with the group. Even her tall proportions and long legs give off a model aura.

  • “Whoa…BLACKPINK’s members are known to have small faces, though. Look at the size of her face.”
  • “I thought she was one of the members LOL”
  • “I’d believe it if someone told me she was an idol…”

| @lh_m_2/Instagram

Hyerim sometimes appears in Hyeri’s vlogs — and it’s easy to see why people might be mistaken that she’s an idol!

After looking at her stunning Instagram photos, she has been compared to many gorgeous celebrities including Kim Sejeong, Kang Mina, AOA‘s Jimin, and aespa‘s Karina.

| @lh_m_2/Instagram

| @lh_m_2/Instagram

| @lh_m_2/Instagram

Of course, many people saw her sister’s beauty in her, but with her own unique style.

She looks like Hyeri, but they have different vibes. She looks cold ㅋㅋ Both are pretty

— Netizen

| @lh_m_2/Instagram

| @lh_m_2/Instagram

Gorgeous genetics must run in the family!



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