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Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Spotted At 2PM Lee Junho’s Solo Concert

Good day for the “King The Land” fans!

Recently, Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA was spotted by fans at the solo concert of her King The Land co-star Lee Junho. Actor and 2PM member Lee Junho held the second show of his solo concert, The Day We Meet Again, at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul on January 14.

Lee Junho | @follow_leejunho/Twitter
YoonA | @limyoona__official/Instagram

According to the concert-goers, right before the show’s start, there was suddenly a stir at the venue, and everyone’s attention went to the second floor, where YoonA was spotted in a seat.

| @It_Jinsim/Twitter
YoonA at Lee Junho’s concert |@SpammyKimbap/Twitter

But she was not alone in the venue. Other cast members from King The Land, including Ahn Se HaKim Jae Won, and Go Won Hee, along with the show’s director Lim Hyun Wook, were spotted in the seats next to her.

In some of the fan-taken clips of the concert, the entire King The Land gang could be seen cheering for Junho enthusiastically, holding banners and lightsticks like the other audience members.

Fans of the show, incredibly touched by this gesture, celebrated their real-life friendship of the cast members.

Many also praised YoonA for making it to the show despite arriving in South Korea from an overseas fanmeet just a few hours before.

And finally, those fans who can’t help but root for YoonA and Junho to become real-life couple took this opportunity to enjoy the most out of their theorized “interactions” during the concert.

Meanwhile, last year YoonA and Lee Junho were caught up in dating rumors, which were eventually denied by their representatives. But fans still continue to suspect that might not be the case. Read more about it here.



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